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you'll remember me when the west wind moves
a fairytale romance
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(Lockout) - m/m - pairing

If I post a (rare) personal post, you will not be able to read it unless you are on my friends list. As you're probably not here to read those entries anyway, it shouldn't be too big of a problem. ^_^
27th-Oct-2009 10:13 pm - My Fanfic - Natsume Yuujinchou
(Lockout) - m/m - pairing
Title: Evanescent (Oneshot)
Pairing: Mostly General. Blink & miss Natsume/Nyanko
Word count: 1,876
Summary: Many years later, a girl visits Eight Fields and discovers a little bit of magic.

14th-Oct-2009 11:01 pm - My Fanfic - Viewfinder
(Lockout) - m/m - pairing
Title: The Devil Drags You Under (Oneshot)
Pairing: Asami x Takaba
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 3631
Warnings: dark themes, questionable consent
Disclaimer: It's probably for the best that I have no ownership rights whatsoever.

Takaba seems to bounce back from every horrible experience he has to suffer through - but human resilience can only stretch so far.

This story is cross-posted at: yamane_ayano & club_sion


3rd-Dec-2007 12:18 pm - On the topic of: Schoolyard Bullying
(Lockout) - m/m - pairing
I wrote this a while back though I'd never posted it to LJ:

I believe that school bullying is always going to exist. No matter how hard we try to teach the kids their "please" and "thank yous", you know that Bobby Joe's going to come home from school yelling "cooties" and whispering "hell" in an awed voice when he thinks you can't hear. If you've ever walked through a kindergarten or elementary playground you can see that kids are vicious. As I look on them now, I'm always shocked by their "us" and "them", "cool" and "not" behaviour.

But when does bullying become violence that makes people sit up and take notice? Does it take yet another Columbine for people to realize that sometimes, when a person is pushed and pushed and pushed, they sometimes stop cringing backwards because there's no more room for them to retreat and instead they start pushing back - with all of their pent up frustration and anger?

Methods have been implemented (who can miss the metal detectors?) but these are band-aid fixes. There needs to be more systemic programs in place to counsel victims, to raise awareness not just for the school outcast but also for the girl who's friends shun her for a week, the football player that misses a ball and loses the game, and the new kid who just can't seem to open his locker.
26th-Jul-2007 08:52 am - Viva le Pillar Pair!
(Lockout) - m/m - pairing
Title: Pillar Pair
Artist: Toyakoya
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Modest nudity and other oxymorons.

3rd-Mar-2007 01:16 am - By any other name...
(Lockout) - m/m - pairing
...it would be still as sweeet.

Good lord. Well written Shakespeare!fic.


I've added some already to my memories but here are some more that I scrounged up that weren't posted on Livejournal.

Fortune's Fool
Author: Fox
Play: Romeo and Juliet
Pairing: Mercutio/Romeo
Rec: Good GOD. Read this. If nothing else, this is written (WELL!) in iambic pentameter. Enough clever use of language here to make me squee. The author must have spent a great deal of time on this one.

Waste Our Lights in Vain
Author: Nifra Idril
Play: Romeo and Juliet (In my defense, I have some drop dead gorgeous Hamlet recs in my meme too)
Pairing: Mercutio/Romeo ... with a bit of Tybalt/Mercutio
Rec: OOOooo. Not in iambic pentameter but still very very nice. Captures Romeo as he truly is while giving him a different dimension - a depth - to his character that is altogether believable and altogether hits the right spots, by the end. Mercutio just cuts my heart out; if he doesn't do it, I would and hand it to him on a platter. Just wonderful. Lovely. -- Why're you still here? Go read this!

I gave a passing mention to a Hamlet ficlet earlier. I feel the need to expound more on it. A passing mention doesn't do it justice.

Double Entendre
Author: vnilla
Play: Hamlet
Pairing: Hamlet/Horatio
Rec: Go read this. Now. Again, in prose but that doesn't even matter. This was simply beautiful beautiful beautiful. It took my breath away. I couldn't keep the insane grin from my face while I read this. So witty and elegant and so Hamlet that I think a part of me died from the sensory overload. I couldn't rave about this one enough. This may just be the best Shakespeare!fic I've read so far.
20th-Dec-2006 06:14 pm - FMA fanart
(Lockout) - m/m - pairing
Title: --
Rating: PG
Warnings: ---
Summary: Done on OpenCanvas 1.1 (I believe) and Wacom Tablet.
Notes: Gift art for rainjoyous because she's not feeling well. She also churns out wonderful!fic and makes me bubbly inside, even when I'm crying on the outside because I was masochistic enough to read her angst!fics. Oh -- and, she does MPREG well. I mean, that deserves a medal all by its lonesome don't it?

Preview excerpt 1:

Preview excerpt 2:

X-posted to steelandsparks

24th-Sep-2006 11:52 pm - I've been an ass...
(Lockout) - m/m - pairing
...because I've been negelecting all responsibility the fandom, amongst other things.

University's in full swing and somehow I feel that I've taken a bigger bite of campus life than I can chew. Ah well, such is the consequence of ill-planning or a bad follow-up of aforementioned plan. *cough*

Expect me to churn out something within the next few days... hopefully. There's been a Viewfinder plot monster that's taken up residence two centimeters deep in my ear canal and it just won't die.

Ultimately, China was fun ^u^;

I think I arrived in the country with unrealistic expectations and I was just a bit bitter for half of the trip because of it. Half-way through, I finally realized that I couldn't force a country/culture/climate/peoples to bend to my will, I had to go with the flow and enjoy things the way they were. It was still damned hot though ._.;;
8th-Jul-2006 01:50 pm - ^u^
(Lockout) - m/m - pairing
Nope, I'm not dead! Haha

There's been quite a bit going on; RL does like to butt in at odd intervals doesn't it? I have to sort through all of my books and clothes and figure out what to keep and what to get rid of. =A= who knew I had so much stuff?

After that, I need to go through my notes etc. from the past few years and again, decide what goes into the junk pile.

Then, after those two daunting tasks, I have to go do some pen&ink&brushing. *sobble* I really want to write another fic~  *tantrum*

But -- I can promise my lovely readers from yamane_ayano and club_sion that I will be devoting approximately 15 hours  or so to straight writing on Monday because I'll be stuck on a plane with nothing to do but harrass the flight attendents type. ^_^;
Of course, anyone who knows me will also be aware that despite this shiny promise on my part, I'm still going to procrastinate I'll still need some prodding. *sigh* I sometimes wish I was more disciplined... =_=

BTW, I forgot to write where I was headed O_o;;. Going to China~  for 2 spanking months!! *g*
Bwahahaha! =_= I'm still looking for bookstores that sell yaoi/shounen-ai manga in China. =/
If anyone stumbles onto this post, would they mind dropping me a few clues? I'll be heading to most of the big cities so, feel free to list stores...
5th-Jul-2006 11:37 pm - VF fanart - Akihito
(Lockout) - m/m - pairing
Title: Akihito
Warnings: Worksafe
Description: Because I was feeling lazy, I thought I would draw a picture instead of writing the first chapter of a new fic. >>;; Of course, my plan comes back to kick me in the arse because I decided to be cute and challenge myself to use clean lines and high res. >< This took way longer than it had any right to T____T;;

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